Calves4Are you a farmer with a redundant outbuilding? A former dairy shed or barn? Maybe it’s been sitting empty for a while or you just have some old equipment in there gathering dust?  What if you’ve got some arable land where crops aren’t generating the returns you’d like…. Perhaps it could be converted to grazing?

Would you like to make extra money out of that redundant space or low-returning arable land? Does that appeal? If so, read on to hear all about Select Livestock’s store cattle growing contracts!


Our reared calves

As a family farming business ourselves, we’re always looking for UK farmers who have the space and wish to increase their profits. We work mostly across Shropshire (our home county), Mid Wales, Herefordshire and Staffordshire… to ensure that transportation causes minimum disruption to the calves, although we have been able to help farmers further afield too.

Select Livestock will provide you with the best Angus and Hereford reared calves and pay you on a daily live-weight gain basis. Off the bat, we offer you a pre-agreed and guaranteed ‘pence per kilo’ for each kg of live weight gained on your farm. So you have the peace of mind knowing what money can be achieved and can plan accordingly.

There is also the potential for a bonus payment on top of this! Extras will be determined by the fat cattle price on the day.


What do you have to do?

Finishing_Cattle4The reared calves will come to you at approximately 150kgs and the aim is to achieve a continuous period of growth for 12 months. The key focus is developing height and length of body frame.

From 150kgs you’ll grow them to approximately 450kg at 16 – 20 months. Grazed grass and home-grown forage are crucial to you maximising the amount of money you can make from the process, with target growth rates between 0.8 and 1kg per day (depending on breed and sex).

Once they’ve reached this stage, your job is done! On the transfer date they’ll be weighed at a local weighbridge and from your farm they’ll then be moved on to specialist finishers.


In safe hands

We’re a fourth-generation family farm with almost 100 years of experience in rearing cattle. My father John has been buying and selling cattle for 40 years alone! Today, we raise approximately 1,000 cattle and supply high quality animals to leading UK beef processors. You can trust us when we say we know cattle and what it takes to successfully grow livestock.

We understand the ups and downs of farming as we regularly go through it ourselves! Whenever you need advice and support we’ll be there, whether it’s over the phone, the web, or face-to-face on farm visits.

If you’re keen to get involved but are worried you won’t have the funds to become one of our cattle growers, please have a chat with us. In some cases we can provide access to a finance package, which can help you on your way.

For more information about our store growing contracts, please contact me on 07902 408400 or email