Store Cattle Growing Contracts

If you have redundant outbuildings – perhaps a former dairy shed – and would like to take Angus and Hereford reared calves and turn them into store cattle, we will pay on a daily live-weight gain basis. We offer a guaranteed price at the start of the process, so you know what you are working towards and can plan effectively.

The store producer’s objective is to achieve a continuous period of growth for 12 months, concentrating on developing height and length of body frame. Grazed grass and home-grown forage are key to maximising economical gain during this period, with target growth rates between 0.8 and 1kg per day (depending on breed and sex).

Our store growers are paid a pre-agreed and guaranteed pence per kilo for each kg of live weight gained on the farm. Again, this enables the grower to budget for income costs. There is also potential for a bonus payment on top of this in certain circumstances. This is determined by the fat cattle price on the day.

Reared calves come to the growers at approximately 150kgs and are grown to approximately 450kg at 16 – 20 months. They are then moved on to specialist finishers. Calves are weighed at a local weighbridge on the transfer date.

At Select Livestock we have the advantage of being farmers ourselves and grow store cattle so again, have the knowledge to provide our growers with advice and support on a daily basis as well as farm visits.

In some circumstances we can provide the grower with access to a finance package.

If you’d like us to get in touch about earning money through store cattle, please fill out the enquiry form below.